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Kouh Kameri Commercial Group has all the warranty and support services for all its products, and warranty cards are provided to the customers with the products. It is worth mentioning that the warranty terms are mentioned in the warranty cards, and in the event of problems with the support system that is included on this website, there is a readiness to respond quickly.

laminate floorpan Parquet Warranty

The term warranty refers to a set of obligations that the manufacturer, in the event of any objection to the undesired quality of the materials or inappropriate process of manufacturing its product, under certain conditions and times, to resolve what is being done by repair or by substitution . In this case, the costs incurred are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Castemano Corporation, on the basis of this definition, is responsible for removing any defects caused by poor quality raw materials and production. Castemano products are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these instructions and in the sections of the letters Subsequently. Castemano is committed to providing customers with floorpan products by providing warranty card and assuring buyers of all factors.

Resistance to burnout: Parquet sheetings the floral sheet laminate sheets are all delicately and beautifully resistant to erosion. Erosion of the surface is known to cause worn parts larger than 1 cm2.

Resistance to Pale: Floorpan laminate parquet sheets are resistant to pallor due to exposure to indirect sunlight or normal synthetic light.

Resistance to stain: Floorpan laminate parquet surfaces are resistant to spots deposited on it. Start of the warranty on the Floral Parquet from the time it is installed.

Items that do not include warranty

Error during installation: Including the slackness of the installation site according to the expert report and the moisture at the floor of the installation site and the non-compliance with the instructions for installing the parquet

Accidents: Inappropriate and inappropriate use of the product, such as scratching and cutting-off by sharp objects and winners; damage to or falling of heavy objects caused by wear and tear by objects such as sand and sand.

Exceeding defined traffic conditions

Washing and pouring and stagnating the water on the surface and leaking water to the lower levels of the product or washing them with acidic substances; alkali or detergents and chemical cleaners.

The validity of this warranty is subject to the presentation of this card completed and stamped, together with legal documents for purchase (Factor Purchase).

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