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The Cristiana Masi® brand
Rapidly affirmed as synonymous with the highest quality of Made in Italy in the world for the wall covering sector, the Cristiana Masi brand stands out for its careful attention to product design and continuous attention to every single production phase, from the realization of sketches for coloring, printing and embossing, up to the creation of the samples and the presentation of the collections. Each phase is marked by careful planning aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of each article. Author design, high quality products, a competent and prepared artistic staff are the elements that are reflected in the "Cristiana Masi" collections, presented and appreciated all over the world.

CRISTIANA MASI WALLPAPERWho's Cristiana Cristiana Masi

 Architect, designer, the creative mind behind the collections of Parato S.r.l. Supported by an experienced staff, Cristiana Masi pours into its collections the sophistication and elegance of classic design typical of Made in Italy combined with personal artistic innovation, without however neglecting the current fashion trends.