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Massage from CEO


Kouh Kameri commerce is a combination of knowledge, expertise and experience to provide quality products and proper services to customers. We believe that the development of the company will not be achieved unless it is based on capable and expert human resources.
Accordingly trying for customer orientation, the improvement of the quality of services, employee satisfaction, and the provision of the products and offered services users' benefits, isn't only a slogan, but a belief and belief for us.
Codification of developmental policies to achieve the company's ultimate goal, which is the creation of the highest value for customers and their maximum satisfaction; is at the top of our agenda. Therefore, increasing efficiency, continuous improvement, Knowledge enhancement and cost reduction is one of this company's manager's priorities and plans.
Meanwhile, Kouh Kameri commerce as an enterprise and having useful experiences has always tried to take steps to grow and excel in order to have opportunity to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers.

Kouh Kameri
CEO of Kouh Kameri commerce