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Floorpan Seamed Stone series - Siyah Opal / AC6


This parquet is appropriate for busy offices, commercial Places and public places 

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This parquet is made of HDF with a density of 900 and in class AC6-34 is appropriate for busy offices, commercial Places and public places, it’s had  8 mm thickness and seamed with VGROOVE grooves.  Floorpan parquet belong to  Kastamonu Entegre products in Turkey and Russia countries and  It is the best available laminate parquet in the world. In terms of sales in Turkey, the parquet has ranked No. 1 and in has ranked fourth in the world.  The joining method technical knowledge of this parquet belonged to German Unilein Company which are clicked both sides and sides that smeared with paraffin such that the clicks are fastened on all four sides and it is almost impossible to separate them. The stone design parquet entered for first time to Iran by this brand.  Floorpan parquet is antibacterial and It is resistant agaians rays of sunlight and materials that produce stains and damage ( Cigarettes & Colored liquids ) and carcinogenic release level or Formaldehids are in lowest level, therefore it can be used in childs room and sensitive places and and on  KoohKamari trading company exclusive representation is delivered to customers . Floorpan parquet can be used in the floor heating system and it is covered by its warranty for 30 years. This parquet made in Turkey. In case of cleaning of laminate parquet must be all dust removed with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner that avoid creating lines and scratches on the parquet. Then the surface must clean with wet napkin and should never use completely wet napkin for this case . The use of inappropriate detergents can lead to damage to the surface of the laminate parquet, which should be more careful in choosing the type of detergent.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Country Turkey
Manufacturer KASTAMONU
Brand Floorpan
Model Siyah Opal
Number in pack (tile) 5
The length (mm) 1206
The width (mm) 402
Thickness (mm) 8
Area of ​​each package (m2) 2.42
Standard erosion AC6

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